Great Steeping Primary School

Weekly Awards

Friday 22 September 2017

Gold Award -  Rosa Thomson  Sophie Nash  Grace Binch  Gracie Ambridge-Richardson

 Courage Award-  James Taylor  Riley Lynch  Jack Taylor  Lilly-Mai Fitzpatrick


Summer Reading Challenge- Sophie Foster  Georgia Lilley Charlotte Lilley  Vienna Page

Amber Beasor  Millie Wilson-Dakin  Finley Wilson-Dakin  Charlotte Baxter 

Charlotte Sumner-Wilson  William Sumner-Wilson

Yellow belt- Taekwondo- Alfie Barling

Gymnastics Medals and Proficency awards - Charlotte Lilley Connie Ritchie

Football medals and Tophies - Cole Bradley  Leah O'Connor  Lottie Rook

5k Bubble run- Josh Whitehead-Lill  Emelia Whitehead-Lill

Blue Peter Sports Badge- Charlotte Sumner-Wilson 

 Well Done!

Pupil of the Week

R- Charlie Scutt-Taylor

Year 1- Lydia Scutt

Year 2 - Harvey Bryan

Year 3 - Leah O'Connor

Year 4 - Oscar Rogers

Year 5 –  Millie Wilson-Dakin

Year 6 – Harvey Barling



Termly Team Point Triumph

RED       YELLOW      BLUE