Great Steeping Primary School

Weekly Awards

Monday 14th January

Gold Award -  Erika Seagrave  Josh Atkinson  Jack Taylor  Lilly-Mai Fitzpatrick

Bravery Award-  Sophia Roberts  James Taylor  Jules Lowe  Eryka Solomon

Good Manners -  Ollie Atkinson  Alfie Willoughby  Millie Stroud

                              Georgia Ambridge-Richardson  

 Special mention: Head Boy: Marcus Rogers    Head Girl: Ruby Scutt-Taylor


Star of the Week

R- Daisy Smith

Year 1- Faith Sorrell

Year 2 - Wade Bryan 

Year 3 - Harry Ellis

Year 4 - Vienna Page 

Year 5 – Grace Binch

Year 6 – Cole Bradley



Termly Team Point Triumph

RED       YELLOW      BLUE