Great Steeping Primary School

School Clubs

art clubThe school clubs are held on a Monday night throughout term time for Key Stage 2 children. The clubs start at the end of the school day and continue for an hour and parents are responsible for picking them up after club.

The children are given a choice of clubs to attend each term. Consent letters are sent out and must be signed and returned for the children to attend the club. These may change up to three times a year. The clubs are very well attended and activities, prizes and pieces of work can be shown in celebration assemblies on Fridays.

The expectation is that the children commit themselves to the club they have chosen for the whole term. If they are absent due to illness or holiday then the teacher in charge will be informed. If a child decides that they are not enjoying the club they must talk to the teacher in charge. The children will need to have the appropriate kit for the sporting activities.

The types of clubs we offer include: Football, Cricket, Singing, Recorders, Art and Book Clubs.