Great Steeping Primary School

Rowan class homework tasks

logo100,000,000 MINUTES READING CHALLENGE starts Thursday 1st March at 9am, so start recording your reading minutes.

Keep reading and recording your minutes. Bring your cards in after Easter for your final certificates.

Rowan Tree Class homework tasks
Handed out Tuesday 27th March
Due in by Monday 9th April
 Y5 English homework
Read an entire book.
Extension - Choose an activity related to your book. You could research a presentation about the author, continue the story or write in the same genre style,draw or make a model of a scene or character, write a letter or diary entry as a character from the book, design outfits for characters etc. It is up to you. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas.

Y5 Maths homework

Doodle maths and TTRS

Check out the TTRS page to see if I have set any battles.


Easter maths revision booklet; 10 days (10 minutes of arithmetic and reasoning questions for each day) and a reading comprehension paper. 

Continue to build on your Doodle Maths streak.



Words ending in -ence

Group 1 Jumping Orange Words (continued)

business, calendar, certain

Jumped words - accident, accidentally, actual, address, answer, appear, arrive, acute, obtuse, our/are, actually, build, breathe, breath, bicycle, believe, busy, 

Group 2 Jumping Orange Words (continued)

 friend, Tuesday, eye, told

Jumped words - all, some, off, is, over, the, my, bath, any, father, like, pull, plant, so, tall