Great Steeping Primary School

Landscapes and Landforms

landscape pic

Our second topic, as we move into the new year will be "Landscapes and Landforms."

Our writing focus will mainly move away from Narrative Fiction (though we may still write a few story settings!), looking at Informational texts and poetry. The children will be involved in working through our Read Write Inc. programme and this will be supplemented by a study of technical geographical words to boost vocabulary.

We will continue to work through the maths syllabus - focusing on formal methods for multiplication and division, additional work on fractions and decimals, understanding and telling the time and a look at units of measurement for length, mass and capacity.

Much of the focus of this term will be Geography based (looking at different features of landscapes each week, such as rivers, mountains or oceans) although there will also be a strong focus on science and art.

We will try our hand at water-colour painting and sketching; working towards some landscape paintings by the end of term. We will also look at artists that predominantly painted landscapes and the different styles and techniques they used.

Design and Technology will focus on making models of a landform of choice.

Science will focus heavily on plants and animals and how they interact within their habitats and ecosystems as well as a brief look at forces and light and how these effect our world. In addition to our ICT programming skills we will be looking at internet maps and Google Earth to add depth to our studies of landscapes.

Our RE and PSHE will look at important buildings of worship and where they are situated as well as the concept of pilgrimage and travel within a faith story. We will also look at moral dilemmas concerned with the changing landscape of the planet, extinction and healthy diets.