Great Steeping Primary School

Robin Hood

Our Topic this term will be focused on the legend of Robin Hood. We will be using a variety of versions of the written story as well as using the TV adaptation "Robin of Sherwood" from the 1980's to support our learning.

Our primary literacy focus to Easter this year will be developing our understanding of stories and narrative writing both in reading and creating our own through writing. We will be looking at how authors create characters, describe settings and develop plots. We will be using the TV series to analyse the theme of our story and by the end of term we will hopefully write our own "episode" using the same writing formula of the series. We will look at characters motives and predict what will happen next in the story.

This topic gives great opportunity to look at England from the Norman Conquest through to the Middle Ages and find out what life was like at the time of Robin Hood, as well as looking at religion at the time, touching on the crusades and the use of Latin as a language.

We will be looking at maps of England and the areas where Robin Hood may have lived and operated.


We hope that this topic will be an exciting way to push the children's understanding of stories.