Great Steeping Primary School

Deadly Creatures

Our topic this term will look at deadly creatures from around the world. Our focus will primarily be on science topics looking at habitats, anatomy, bones and teeth as well as diet and nutrition.

We will be looking at the relationship between predators and prey and the basics of evolution and how predators and prey evolve together. We will look at a different type of creature each week such as cats or sharks and compare how they are similar or different to each other.

Our geography will focus on areas of the world where the creatures originate, and we will look at how these creatures interact with people in these areas.

Our literacy work will continue with the children's development, of spelling, grammar and sentence construction and our writing will revise the text types we have studied throughout the year which will include writing non-chronological reports about creatures, a newspaper report on an animal incident and a story focusing on animals.

The children will choose an animal for the entire term and their homework will be to produce an on-going piece of research so as to become an "expert" in that animal. It is up to each child to choose how to present and produce their research for the last week in the summer term.Black Mamba Snake