Great Steeping Primary School

Sports Funding

The Government is providing funding for primary school physical education and school sport.  It has been given directly to head teachers to spend on improving the quality of PE and sports provision.  Ofsted will increase the monitoring of Physical Education as a result of this increased funding. 


Our funding for the year 2016-2017 is £8549, this will be spent as follows:


Every child will be taught by a specialist sports teacher/coach from either JB Sports Coaching or Skegness Academy.  Cost: £6000 & £2535 


The staff have access to regular training,  membership to the Youth Sports Trust, Young Leaders training and a variety of free equipment as part of the packages.  Plus bespoke training for the school in different areas such as assessment and Outdoor Activities.


Skegness Academy


Our staff will work with Sports' consultants, experts and other colleagues to improve their professional skills, knowledge and understanding and build confidence in delivering excellent PE lessons, schools' competitions and festivals.

This academic year, our KS2 children will have a chance to develop their skills and expertise with football, dance, gymnastics, hockey and cricket. Our KS1 children will develop their skills in Dance, multi-skills, gymnastics, multi sports and athletics.

Each sport also provides an extra curricular Sports clubs which is offered to children in Years 3-6 this year.

Every opportunity will be seized to enable our children take part in inter and

intra competitions and festivals.  Cost: £300

Impact 2015-2016

Reception children- When assessed during PE lessons 88% of children achieved age expected levels. 

KS1 children - 89% achieved age expected levels.

KS2 children- 91% achieved age expected or above age expected levels

69% of KS2 children particiapted in competitive sports with other schools

70% of KS2 children took part in an after school sports club

64% of KS2 children can swim 25 metres or more.

Pupil voice- " I dont like dance usually but I really enjoyed making up my own moves and performing." Y5 boy

"All the coaches helped us in a friendly but helpful way." Year 3&4 class

50% of KS2 children took part in a sponsored run for Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance that raised over £2500.

KS2 children have access to a weekly coaching session to develop their running skills and stamina.

Sainsbury's Bronze Kite mark awarded for Sport 2014-2015

Sainsbury's Silver Kite mark awarded for Sport 2015-2016


At Great Steeping we recognise the importance of regular sport and physical activity both in school time and extra curricular activities.  The school will monitor the impact of the Sports Premium and will collate evidence of how the school has utilised the fund.  Pupil Feedback will be collected after each sports block, along with attendance figures for sports competitions.