Great Steeping Primary School

Collaborative Partnership


If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.

At the beginning of the academic year 2012-2013, we entered into an informal partnership with Toynton, Halton Holegate and Willoughby St Helena's schools. There is a growing commitment across all four schools to care about the success of each other, the people involved and the linked achievements of every child in all four schools.  We then added Partney Primary School to our partnership in 2014.

We believe that each school has something of value to offer to the others and that we can learn much from each other, sharing ideas, resources, advice and critical friendship. Trust, with openness and honesty, is growing between the Head teachers, staff and Governors across the schools.

The Head teachers, accompanied by members of the School Council, visited the four schools and planned a series of actions to support school development. Groups of governors, staff and children engaged in joint activities to enrich the teaching and learning for everybody. We have identified what each partner and each member of staff can offer to the others and what might be sought from the others.

Over the year teachers in our schools have, together, observed the pupils' learning in reading and writing. We are constantly evaluating the impact of our partnership activities and judging their worth. As our trust grows, we are beginning to challenge each other and enjoy the benefits to help every child reach their potential. To end the year on a high, we took part in the "Schools Working Together" Conference with CfBT to share our first year with other collaborations and schools thinking about starting their own.

As a partnership and we grow from strength to strength. We have evaluated the impact of our collaboration and highlighted areas to develop. The support and challenge for staff and Governors in each school is hugely important and necessary for small rural schools. One main project this year has been initiating Peer Review and completing four out of five schools within the academic year.  This has been an illuminating and successful undertaking which has highlighted areas to develop and has celebrated successes in all schools.  We will continue to develop and refine the Peer review process to ensure a meaningful, useful process following a three year cycle.